Only Best Whatsapp status no crap part-5

Only Best Whatsapp status

Whatsapp status

Whatsapp status

Never be fooled by what you see on the outside, b’coz on the inside it’s often a different story.
I need a lifetime lover, not a night time lover.
Some people are perfect in being *FAKE* then being *REAL*.
People need to lose the attitudes today b’coz I am NOT in the mood.
History is made by those who BREAK THE RULES.
There is something wrong with my phone. Any GIRL call it for me to see if it rings?
If nothing lasts forever, I was wondering if you might wanna be my nothing?
Two things only a man cannot hide, that he is drunk and that he is in love.
It’s funny how many lies can be packed in one LOVE LETTER.
I lost my teddy bear. Can i sleep with you?
I’ve noticed you noticing me and I’m just giving you notice that I’ve noticed you!
The whole world is great! That is…until you wake up.
If you are going to speak bad things about me on my back, come to me. I’ll tell you more.
Girls are like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken.
No matter where I am, no matter where you are, I’ll be there when its over baby. Cause I was there from the start.
My mind tells me to give up, my heart won’t let me.
I won’t try to be awesome, awesome tries to be me
Genius by birth evil by nature human by chance..
My life is open book but i don’t allow everyone to read it.
Warning, it’s not safe to talk to me at the moment..
I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally….
If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.
Good relationship doesn’t need promise, terms and conditions. It just needs a *She* who can trust and a *He* who can be loyal.
What is the main reason for failure?  I think its EXAMS. What do you think?


Taj Mohammed Sheikh

हेलो दोस्तों, में एक Freelance Blogger हूँ , नेट इन हिंदी .com वेबसाईट बनाने का मुख्य उद्देश्य हिंदी भाषा में मनोरंजक और उपयोगी सामग्री प्रस्तुत करना है, यहाँ आपको विज्ञान, सेहत, शायरी, प्रेरक कहानिया, सुविचार और अन्य विषयों पर अच्छे लेख पढ़ने को मिलते रहेंगे. धन्यवाद!

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