Facebook puzzle – Fruit Math Puzzle

Facebook Puzzle Fruit Math Puzzle Can you solve this fruit math equation? Answer for this facebook puzzle This is quite a simple math equation but many fails to solve it, if apple is equal to 7, apple plus 5 = grapes, means 7+5= 12 so grapes = 12, now go ahead and solve this juicy … Read more Facebook puzzle – Fruit Math Puzzle

Facebook Puzzle – How many circles

Facebook Puzzle -Amazing Door How many circles do you see in this picture? in first look you will see only one black circle in the middle in this facebook puzzle, but if you look deeply, you will be amazed to see there are two ways to see this design. This is excellent designs for doors … Read more Facebook Puzzle – How many circles

Whatsapp puzzle What is a word

Whatsapp puzzle Facinating puzzle for your Facebook and whatsapp friends. What is a word made up of 4 letters yet is also made up of 3. Although is written with 8 Letters, and then with 4, Rarely Consists of 6, and never is written with 5. Share on: WhatsApp

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